In 2001 I adopted my first beagle, Nikia, fulfilling a childhood dream and beginning a lifetime adventure. I decided I wanted to try breeding in 2002, I found a male named Rusty and that’s how we got started I have over the last 18 years experience and over 300 happy customers. Despite my experience, beagles still surprise me and I'm always looking for new literature. If you have a favorite book about Beagles, feel free to let me know on the Contact Us page.

Our main yard has over 7,000 sf of green grass and shady trees for the pack to run. Their house is 8x8' and equipped with lights, heat, individual feeding cubicles, and security camera. A second 1,200 sf dog run located behind our shop, will soon be attached to the main yard. My husband, Jeff, was so kind to get my "beagle shop" all ready for move-in. The dogs now have a 7x7' whelping room attached to a 6x20' covered outdoor run.

Help Keep Our Dogs Healthy

We love to have people come for a visit and we encourage people to come and pick their puppy out in person if at all possible. We require visitors to follow the precautionary steps below to ensure the health of our dogs.

  • If you have had Parvo on your property in the last 3 years, I won’t sell a puppy to you, the risk of your new puppy becoming infected is VERY high.

  • Please don’t “kennel–hop”, in other words, don’t come to our kennel right after leaving another.

  • Please have all visitors shower, wear clean clothes and shoes. I recommend spraying your shoes with disinfectant.

  • Please avoid parks or other places that you may encounter dogs before you get here, and we will wash hands when you arrive. “Please read below about Parvo”